How to Delete Old Windows Update Files

How to Delete Old Windows Update Files – Is your PC inevitably slow? You’ve tried everything and the system just keeps moving like a snail. Delete old windows update files and give your system some space to work, these files can take up a whole lot of memory respective of how much windows has been updated on your device.

It’s quite easy.

How to Delete Old Windows Update Files

Delete Old Windows Update Files

  • Open the start menu and search “Control Panel”.
  • Hit the “Enter” button and navigate to “Administrative tools” under the control panel tab.
  • Double click on “Disk Cleanup” and choose “Clean Up System Files”.
  • Mark the checkbox next to “Windows Update Cleanup”. Here, you can also select other types of files that are useless and need to go.
  • Once you’re done selecting, hit the “OK” button and give Windows time to clean up your device off old update files.

After this, if your device still works slowly, you could try my effective and simple tricks on ways to make your PC work faster and smarter. It’s important that when you get to the “Clean Up System Files” page that you search and check all Windows files that are not useful and delete them. This way you can ensure to free up more space at the end of it all.

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