How to Connect Apple Airpods to Android Device | Pair AirPods to Android

Is it just me or are Airpods the best kind of headphones anyone could have? The more reason most people want to know how to connect apple Airpods to android devices. Because I don’t use an IOS device doesn’t mean I get to miss out on all the amazing features these badass headphones have to offer.

Airpods generally are great, they sound unique, their battery life is arguably the best of any headphone, has this exquisite look, playback controls are great and everything is just perfect. There is also the AirPods pro whose design and functionality is just sensational.

how to connect apple airpods to android device

Back to the main topic, how to connect Apple AirPods to android device

Pair Apple Airpods with Android Device

The good thing about these wireless headsets is that they can be paired with anything that is Bluetooth enabled. Pairing it with an Android device works very differently when you are doing the exact same thing with an IOS device.

Instead of the normal opening of the Airpods case to pair process, you have to do the manual Bluetooth settings pairing process.

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  • Navigate to Bluetooth settings on your device either by going to the “Settings”> “Connected Devices”> “Bluetooth” or by long pressing on the Bluetooth icon in the swipe down menu at the top of your screen.
  • Proceed to add or pair with a new device.
  • Next, open the Airpods charging case.
  • Long press on the small button at the back case until the indicator light starts blinking white.
  • Check your device Bluetooth’s screen for your Airpods name.
  • Tap on it to start the pairing process. Then proceed to connect it.

Tips You Need to Know

Your Apple Airpods is now connected to your Android device. It would function like any other Bluetooth headphone connected to your android device if not better.

Since it’s already paired, your Airpods will connect with your Android device given it’s out of its case, and your Android device Bluetooth is turned on. Put the Airpods back in its case to disconnect it.

Although by using the Airpods with an Android device you would be missing in on a lot of features; you can still control the Airpod’s playback, you can turn noise cancellation on and off and you could install apps that help you manage and monitor the Airpod’s battery life.

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