How to Clear Cache Data In Android 10 | Effects Of Clearing Cache Data On Your Device

How to Clear Cache Data In Android 10 – Pressing your smartphone and you discover that it’s becoming slow and very dull, hanging and lapsing from time to time. It’s frustrating especially when such acts are coming from an Android 10 device.

how to clear cache data in android 10

What are Cache Files?

Cache files or Data are one of the most known causes of this. Primarily Cache files are developed while using your phone, opening apps, surfing the net, playing games, leftover files from deleted apps, and so on.

These files save specific data relating to the software you used on your Android device. That way, when you go back to using the software, it functions better and smoother. The more reason you can’t just go around clearing the cache files of every app on your device regularly.

How does Clearing Cache Data Affect My Device?

Here are the basic things clearing cache date does to your device. Apart from making your android device work faster and better, there are some side effects you need to know.

  • Data relating to the application cache files which you cleared will be deleted. i.e login info, previous settings e.t.c.
  • Clearing caches on the browser will automatically log you out of websites you are signed in to. This does not apply to Google accounts signed in to Google Chrome browsers.
  • Although clearing cache data will make your smartphone function more effectively, some apps and websites might run slow.

How to Clear Android 10 Cache Data

It’s pretty simple although time consuming.

  • Locate and open the “Settings” app on your device.
  • Scroll down, then tap on “App Management” or “Apps & Notifications”.
  • Select “App Settings”. If you don’t see that, select “See All Apps”.
  • Now you have to start selecting the apps you wish to clear the cache data one by one. Click on an app.
  • Choose “Storage & Cache”.
  • Look to the bottom of the screen and hit the “Clear Cache” button. Confirm your actions and proceed with the process.

Alternative Quick Method to Clear Cache Data

Do note that this might not work on your Android 10 device.

  • Restart your phone in recovery mode; press on the power button and the volume down button at the same time.
  • Your device would restart. Then you would be prompted to enter your device’s security lock details.
  • Scroll on the phone or use the power up and down button to navigate the presented options.
  • Select “Wipe Cache” from the list of options by using the power button or tapping on it.

This will automatically delete all cache data on your device.

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