Google Play Music Being Replaced by YouTube Music | How to Save Your Data On Google Play Music

Google has announced that they are gradually going to shut down Google Play Music, the Music store on Google play and Music manager soon. Music manager will be the first to be shut down followed by the music store on Google play which will be shut down in mid-August. Then December will witness the final closing of Google play music.

Google also stated that users will begin to lose access to Google play music by September. Citing that they would notify users prior to them taking these actions in their respective regions. “If you are locked out of the service, we won’t be able to delete your music library just yet – you will be able to still transfer or download your data within 30 days of when you lose access to Google Play Music”.

google play music to be replaced by youtube music

Why is Google Taking Such Actions?

“Google plans to wind down its Google Play Music service in favour of the company’s newer YouTube Music” TechCrunch reported. YouTube Music is a music app that functions just like Google Play Music with improved features based on users negative reviews about Google Play Music.

Earlier this year, Google increased YouTube Music playlist strength to 5000 songs, 4000 more than Google Play Music number. Supports for uploads has also been increased from Google Play Music, 50, 000 to 100,000 tracks on YouTube Music.

New Features like Offline Listening, lyrics listing, discovery tab, more diverse playlist options, personalized suggestions and so on. Google’s Play Music has been one of the best music services for some while now alongside YouTube Music who Google offers as a separate service prior to this action.

Google hopes to have just one music streaming service now and to shift most of its users if not all to YouTube Music. The idea is to compete with other streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify on one font and to convert YouTube prowess in the number of views it gets from music videos to YouTube Music service. Google is looking to gain from YouTube huge consumers of music videos.

How to Save Your Data On Google Play Music Before its Shut-Down

There are two simple ways. The first one involves you visiting the website and then tap on “Transfer”. The second involves using the mobile app.

  • Download and open the YouTube Music app.
  • Tap on the “Profile Icon”, then select “Settings” on the next list of options.
  • Click on “Transfer from Google Play Music”> “Transfer from Google Play Music”.

Agree to the prompt and start the transfer. This will transfer your data, purchased and uploaded music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. Not doing this before Google Play Music will automatically delete all your account details as well as its subscriptions.

If you wish to download your data and music instead of transferring to YouTube Music, then you need to use Google Takeout. Visit the website

  • Look to the box next to Google Play Music and tap on “Next”.
  • Choose a delivery mode, frequency and file type. Then tap on “Create Export”.

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