First Digital Nextgen MasterCard Credit Card | Review, Features & How to Easily Apply

First Digital Nextgen MasterCard Credit Card – Gone are the days where being able to afford a credit card had to cost so much. With credit cards such as the First Digital Nextgen Mastercard, your carding experience is about to take an excellent turn.

This card gives its users every feature associated with using a MasterCard and more. Issued by Synovus bank, applying for this card is pretty easy.

first digital nextgen mastercard credit card

Card Review

One of the goals that come with having a credit card is building a credit score which can be quite a task. First Digital Nextgen MasterCard Credit card makes that task easy as this card was developed for those who find it hard to grow their credit.

Credit cards do not always come in the form of MasterCard which is not the case for First Digital Nextgen here. MasterCard is arguably the best kind of card with its strong customer security and satisfaction policies.

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Features of First Digital Nextgen MasterCard Credit Card

Below are some of its basic features;

  • Only available to residents of the U.S
  • A checking account is required to apply for it.
  • Various charges such as activation fee, annual fee, maintenance fee, and so on.
  • No rewards issued for purchases made via the card.
  • Easy to apply for online.
  • Perfect credit is not required to get this card.
  • Initial credit limit of $300. This does not include the start-up fees.
  • High APR rate thus you really do not want to carry over a balance.

How to Apply

Fist Digital Nextgen MasterCard Credit Card has a quick and flexible online application process so this shouldn’t take long.

  • Via a web browser, visit
  • Proceed to fill the online registration form.
  • Enter your contact address i.e email address and mobile number.
  • Specify whether you have an active checking account.
  • Also, specify if you stay in the U.S and then tap on “Continue”.

Your application should get approved immediately and then you can begin the account creation process. After creating an account, you would receive your First Digital Nextgen MasterCard Credit Card.

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