Facebook Rolls Out Its Clubhouse Competitor Feature – Live Audio Rooms

Facebook rolls out its Clubhouse-like feature today; Live Audio rooms only in the U.S for now. Facebook has been announcing its motives to join the online audio services since the beginning of this year and has been making moves to do so.

Fidijii Simo; the head of Facebook’s app announced via a Facebook’s blog post that “public figures and select Facebook groups in the U.S” can create Live Audio rooms on Apple IOS devices. As every other newly released Facebook feature, the company plans on doing a step by step roll out. Firstly to select users in the U.S then with time a wide spread release.

Facebook Rolls Out Its Clubhouse Competitor Feature

About Facebook Live Audio Rooms Feature

It’s quite Similar to the Clubhouse app that gained popularity last year which Twitter planned on acquiring sometime last month. It allows public figures to create a live conversation in a virtual room with up to 50 different speakers and an unlimited amount of listeners.

These speakers can be another public figure given they have a verified badge on Facebook, friends, followers and can be invited ahead of the show’s time. Speakers can also be selected from the listeners during the conversation given the amount of speakers limit hasn’t been exceeded.

In Facebook groups, admins can create or give licenses to create a Live Audio room and invite members to join especially if it’s a private room. If it’s a public one, then anyone can just drop into the conversation.

As long as you have a Facebook account, you can discover different audio rooms on your NewsFeed or Notifications tab. To participate in discussions, you can enable live captions, request to join the conversation or react to the ongoing conversation.

Facebook Live Audio Rooms Launch

Facebook partnered with Grammy-nominated electronic music artist TOKiMONSTA who will be discussing female excellence. Also on that list is Rusell Wilson who will be speaking about training one’s mind to become an elite athlete and Journalist and Producer; Rosa Clemente who will host a  discussion on asserting blackness in the Latinx community.

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