Facebook Marketing Strategies | Secrets to Grow Your Business Presence On Facebook

Facebook Marketing Strategies- Facebook is the best and most rated social media platform worldwide with more than 2 billion users. Facebook was the first social media platform to hit a billion numbers before the likes of WhatsApp, Instagram, and WeChat came in.

We could generally agree that Facebook isn’t the social media platform we used to know. Facebook days of glory continue to pass by as the day goes but there is something the social media platform has not lost. It’s Popularity and numbers of people that visit the platform.

Although Facebook has been through a lot and the social media platform is beginning to lose its trust among people, its amount of users is still quite impressive. This article is going to show you simple strategic ways to use Facebook’s popularity to boost your business.

facebook marketing strategies

Simple and Comprehensive Steps to Market your Business On Facebook

I will be guiding you on how to effectively grow your business on Facebook by giving simple Facebook marketing strategies. If you fully get whatever you read here, you don’t need to hire a Facebook marketer.

  • Make sure you have a website for your business or brand. In other words, make sure you have an online or digital presence of your business.
  • A presence on Facebook is also very important, maybe a Facebook page or group. To gain prominence on Facebook, try both but start with a page first.
  • Marketing on Facebook means you have to use every Facebook feature to your advantage fully. Do not neglect any feature whether it’s the Facebook Marketplace or the buy and sell Facebook groups and so on.
  • Join a Business Group, Buy and Sell Groups and Advertisement groups:

As a business looking to grow, join groups that are very well associated with your brand. This is the secret, most people will tell you to join business groups that have firms bigger than yours so you could learn from them.

That’s good but why do you think people at the top will also want you at the top?

If someone knows the secret to true success, why would they tell you for nothing?

If you come to the top, you’d bring competition to them and they sure as hell don’t want that.

Therefore the trick is to join groups with large firms as well as small firms like yours; this will push your creativity and development to a new level.

Buy and Sell groups were originally created to sell and buy stuff randomly and temporarily. So you are not meant to keep posting stuff for sale every time.

Joining Buy and Sell groups is easy but posting on them might seem complicated. The trick is to advertise your business but making sure that no one notices that’s your main aim.

To do this you must make sure the group is comfortable with you by being active always and posting things not related to your business. Gain their trust and then you could start advertising your goods and services, it will create a loyal customer base for you because you did the advertising uniquely and differently from others.

  • Posting on Facebook whether on your group or on a group you joined requires close to perfect timing. Study and learn how Facebook activities work on any group you wish to post on and use it effectively. For instance some Facebook groups are more active at night.

Maybe around 7-8 pm. Timing is posting by 7-7:30 pm. Perfect timing is being active on the group from around 5:00 pm and posting around 6-6:30 pm.

  • Facebook ads 
    This is one aspect I can’t skip, no one likes taking risks with money. This is one you’ve got to take for the business to grow. Facebook ads are diverse, each one with different functions and at reasonable prices.
  • Your business now has a presence on Facebook as a group. Creating a group might not be hard, maintaining it is. Create contests or games (with prizes) that will engage the group and make them see your brand as a beauty. In case you don’t know how to, follow this link to learn a little
  • Share your Facebook presence to other social media platforms.
  • Going back to my first point about having a website. Make sure on the website there are Facebook Plugins. Something that could take people that visit your website directly to your Facebook presence. Like a Facebook like button or a Facebook like page button.
  • Vice versa create something on your Facebook page or group that takes people directly to your website. Thereby creating a back to back connection between your website and Facebook presence.
  • The goal is to strengthen your Facebook presence as well as your web presence. Doing this will prepare you for the next step.
  • Verify your Facebook page or group. This should and can only be done when your business has gained a certain kind of prominence.
  • Your business goal is to reach customer satisfaction. Have a Call to Action button on your website and Facebook page or group.

Most businesses these days take different Facebook marketing strategies to grow their business and enlarge their coast. The main reason why these steps do not have any effect is most businesses have tried it before. Everyone is doing the same thing to the same people hence creating a boring cycle and giving customers a choice.

When you give customers choices, you create competition. Thereby making Business growing becoming more like survival and battle of the fittest. In order for these Facebook marketing strategies to work, you have to do things differently.

Doing this differently makes people see you differently, so there won’t be much choice-making or considerations to make.

With all written above, this is my final tip; Think Out of the Box.

The moments you do, your marketing strategy on Facebook will improve. Think uniquely, interestingly, and be creative with all strategies involving your business. That is the first and last step to creating a power-house business.

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