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Facebook Marketing CommunityThese days, most businesses are now looking up to social media advertising to help reach out to a wider customer base.

Business organizations can now build and extend their market and services using one of the social platforms with the largest marketing community; Facebook, popularly regarded as the largest social media network in the world with a massive population of over 2 billion monthly active users.

Facebook Marketing Community

What is Facebook Marketing? Or Facebook Community Marketing

Facebook marketing is a digital advertising platform that provides business owners with the right marketing toolkits to help them reach out to the billions of the Facebook community by using various platforms to find potential customers and establish a lasting relationship with them.

Some people may find it a bit strange to believe Facebook marketing community is one of the best means to grow your business, but as a good marketer, leveraging on the population of Facebook users could actually be one of the best ways to find potential customers that will be willing to patronize you.

There are two major marketing strategies marketers adopt to connect with the large community of Facebook users and we shall be shedding light to them in this article.

Facebook Business Pages

The Facebook business page is a method you can actually use to market your products and services for free. It serves as a means of creating awareness for your business online by allowing Facebook users access your business page as an online shop front.

As friends and customers begin to visit your business page, it improves the integrity of your business to other potential customers. Opening your Facebook business page is very easy; just click here (http://www.facebook.com/business/pages/set-up) to start with the creation of Facebook business page.

Facebook Ads

This method is highly regarded as one of the best ways to ways to use gain more exposure on your marketing and reaching out to the Facebook community worldwide. 

Choosing how to run your Facebook ads depends on the marketer, it’s up to you to determine how simple or sophisticated your want your ad to look like.

Click this link (http://www.facebook.com/adsmanager/creation) to access the link to run your ads using self service tools and also for you to keep tabs on ads engagements and performances.

Asides these two major ways, there are other methods to help boost your marketing strategies on Facebook, some of these methods include joining business groups on Facebook related to your line of business and also the new rollout of Facebook Marketplace feature.

Although, the marketplace feature is not yet available all over the countries across the world, but it surely is a good way to sell your goods and services and reach out to the community of Facebook users around you.

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