Facebook Live Video Login | How to Go Live On Facebook

Facebook has lots of features that just make using the software fun and relaxing, Facebook live is one of those features. If we take a rigid look at it, most features are developed to make communication between users on any topic easy and fascinating.

It’s no wonder Facebook is the best social media software with the largest amount of users. Facebook live is one of those features that just makes using Facebook addictive and captivating.

Millions of users have taken to Facebook mostly because of its Facebook live feature. This is caused by the joy, originality, and its live feature. Imagine having to stream a talk show, comedy show, or your favorite person on earth live.

facebook live

That’s what this Facebook feature brings to you, the ability to stream events or shows live. Not just streaming but also being able to communicate things about yourself to people live and seeing their reaction.

Anyone, celebrities, influencers, marketers, business personnel, teachers, you can take advantage of this feature.

How to Navigate to Facebook Live

Before doing any live broadcast on Facebook, try to watch other user’s Facebook live broadcasts. This will enlighten you about how yours should be. The more you watch, the more experience you gain therefore you can straighten out ideas and tips you want and you don’t want.

  • Locate and press on the camera icon just beside your search bar on your Facebook page.
  • Give Facebook access to your camera and microphone.
  • Ensure to transit to “Live”. Just check the bottom of your camera screen to do that.
  • Specify your privacy and posting settings. Make sure to check all kinds of settings and ensure they are as you like.
  • Type in a compelling description of what your live broadcast is going to be about. Make it enticing as this is your broadcast’s description.
  • Tag friends, select a location, add activity more like you are trying to edit a content you are about to post. It is optional if the content is as good as it should be.
  • Check and edit your camera’s settings. Do all final editing as you prefer you would the video to look like?
  • If you are sure all is ready, click on the blue Start Live Video. There you have it, you just started broadcasting.
  • Surely, there will be viewers, silent and loud commentators, you must interact with them. This is a core part of live broadcast, if your viewers feel ignored, there might be an issue. You can have someone else from a different device interacting with your viewers and commenters while you are doing the live broadcast.
  • Tap on Finish to end the broadcast. Save the video to your Facebook story or status to ensure those who missed out on your show could always watch whenever they feel like.

If you are using the web version or a PC, follow the same steps. When you click on the camera icon, from the options given select “GO Live”.

Going back to the penultimate step in going live on Facebook, what if there are no viewers. Does this mean you made a mistake somewhere?

Tips on Making a Successful Facebook Live Broadcast

  • This is the internet’s very own tip. Do not go on Facebook live without a strong internet connection to guarantee video stability and quality.
  • Inform people prior to the time you are broadcasting thereby creating awareness.
  • Going live on Facebook is viral and very common so to have a successful live broadcast on Facebook, you must be unique. It’s more like a competition, once you are presenting something common and not interesting, users will tend to ignore you.
  • Make sure your video description match and perfectly entails what your live broadcast is all about.
  • Yes, it’s nice to broadcast over a long period of time. This will increase the probability you reach more people, friends will invite friends. But if you are not relevant or broadcasting what people want to hear, people would just be informed but never troop in.
  • The whole idea of going live is to show people what you think and how you feel about happenings or anything. To do this, you must be creative in presenting it. Whatever information you are trying to communicate or pass, do it in your way and be unique.
  • Last but not least, consistency. Although your first broadcast might not be encouraging, do not stop or reduce the work you put into it.

The secret of using this feature successfully is to pass insightful, important, and relevant information while you are having fun.

Facebook live is an interesting feature that could be used by anyone. With these few tips, I am sure you going to enjoy using this feature.

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