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By | May 15, 2020

Facebook Lite Download – Before the Facebook app was introduced, users had to visit Facebook through the web via a PC or computer. Facebook Mobile was the feature that made Facebook available on mobile devices thereby giving users the grant to use Facebook services anywhere.

The Facebook mobile feature allows users to access Facebook either through SMS, emails, mobile app or mobile device web browsers. The mobile app part specifically the Facebook lite app is what this article is going to be dealing with.

The Facebook mobile app has different variations. There are two versions enlisted with all Facebook services namely; Facebook Regular App and the Facebook lite app.

The Facebook lite app is an app developed for users to get to Facebook directly from their mobile devices. It provides the ease of just having to run the app on your mobile device to use every feature of Facebook.

facebook lite download

This app was designed in 2015 although it has been around on Facebook since 2009. As its name implies, it’s for users with lite (light) mobile devices. The Facebook lite app can work effectively on any mobile device.

Why Download Facebook Lite

The Facebook lite app was designed for mobile devices that are regarded as not strong when compared to other mobile devices. Devices that;

  • Out-dated.
  • Have a small battery capacity.
  • Slow processing power.
  • Uses an old Network type, therefore, receiving a poor internet connection. The Facebook lite app is quite good with working with a poor internet connection or without one.
  • Small memory capacity. The Facebook lite app is quite small in memory space.
  • If you are trying to manage your device’s data consumption.

Facebook lite does work on any device but it’s not advisable to download on just any device. The Facebook lite app drops quite some features from the regular Facebook app.

Hence, this app is only for users whose devices the Facebook regular app won’t work or function on.

How to Download the Facebook Lite App

Downloading the Facebook lite app can be done on your mobile device. Do sign up for Facebook before proceeding to do this.

Sign Up Facebook

  • Open your device’s app store.
  • On the app page, you should see the Facebook lite app. It has a blue “F” on a white background. If not proceed to the next step.
  • On the search bar, type “Facebook Lite”.
  • Seen the app, click on it.
  • Tap on “Install” and proceed to download it to your device.

Give it some minutes, it won’t take long. You could also search for it on your mobile device web browser. Open any web browser, preferably Chrome and type “Facebook lite”.

Most websites will offer you apk versions of the Facebook lite app for download; download it if you are okay with it. Do note that you will have to allow the installation of unknown apps to your device.

To do that, navigate to your mobile device settings. Facebook wants to ensure that everyone eligible has access to its services. The Facebook lite app was one of those ways towards improving that odd.