Facebook Avatar | Facebook Avatar Creator | Creating Your Facebook Avatar

By | May 21, 2020

Facebook Avatar – Over the years since Facebook was created, we’ve witnessed and welcomed a lot of features and developments from Facebook. All features developed by Facebook helps to build the platform as the giant it is now. Facebook has almost 3 billion monthly active users for this reason.

Facebook avatar is one of those attributes on Facebook that would trend for a very long time. It gives Facebook users the ability to create animated like humans depending on their preference. It the latest trend on Facebook with users uploading bitmoji like cartoons all over the Facebook news feed.

Facebook did speculate about revamping its platform, creating new features, and changing how old one works. This was done to improve how the Facebook platform looks by creating an enhanced, more simple, and easy to navigate Facebook.

facebook avatar

Facebook Avatar Creator

This is the feature on Facebook used to create Facebook avatars. It’s integrated with Facebook making it easier for users to create avatars.

Facebook started developing this feature since last year and some countries in Europe like Australia and New Zealand were the first to test it. Early this month, Facebook released the feature in the U.S and Canada.

They also said they planned on releasing it worldwide very soon. The Facebook Avatar creator can be found in the Facebook app for IOS and Android users.

How to Use Facebook Avatar Creator App

Open the Facebook app on your mobile device and let’s get started.

  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • On your News Feed page, click on the three-line menu at the top right corner.
  • Next, tap on See More.
  • Afterward, select Avatars. Tap on Next and adhere to Facebook prompts from here.

Creating Your Facebook Avatar

Once you’ve successfully adhered to the steps above, you will now be able to create your Facebook avatar. You could edit or design the avatar to be like you if you want to.

In case you need to look at yourself to do that, just locate the Mirror icon at the top of your screen and click on it. This will open your smartphone selfie camera in a rectangle box at the side. Thereby enabling you to see yourself while trying to create something similar to yourself.

  1. Start with your Skin color, select the one you’d like.
  2. Next, is the hairstyle. Here you treat everything about the avatar’s hair.
  3. Edit the avatar’s face. From its face shape, facial air Eyes, Nose, Mouth, and even to its lips.
  4. Now, choose a Body shape you think will fit your avatar.
  5. Review the avatar you just created and do all final touching.
  6. Clothe it and click on the checkmark button to save your work.

Facebook automatically adds any avatar you create to your Facebook smiley options on your keyboard.

How to Use Your Facebook Avatar

You could use the Facebook avatar for a lot of things on Facebook. Yes, posting it on Facebook shows your Facebook friends how imaginative and creative you are but that is not just it.

If you create enough Facebook avatars, you could use each of them as emojis. Instead of the regular typing of greetings, messages, or comments, avatars could be used. Facebook avatars revolutionize the way we communicate feelings and emotions on Facebook

You could also use Facebook avatars as your Facebook profile and cover photos.

How to Access Your Facebook Avatars

  • Navigate back to the Avatar tab; Menu>See More>Avatars. If you regularly visit the Avatar’s tab, you will see the Avatar option on the Menu tab.
  • On the new page, you will see all the Facebook avatars you’ve created.
  • Select the one you’d like to use and a list of options it can be used for will appear. Choose your preferred options and stick to Facebook’s prompt to successfully effect your chosen option.
  • Click on the checkmark button when you are done.

Also, Facebook automatically turns your Facebook avatars to stickers. It could be used on Messenger or on Facebook. To access it, proceed to type a message thereby turning on your device keyboard.

Click on the Smiley icon and then on the Avatar icon.