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You should download WhatsApp because of its eccentric features; this app has over 2 billion users. That’s just amazing, given the number of years it’s been around for. With 96 million downloads in February 2020, it’s the second most installed social media app this year after Tik Tok. That shows a 42.4% increase in download for WhatsApp than that of last year.

It’s basic human instinct to communicate and relate with people unfortunately the coronavirus pandemic has kept us from being able to do that. Deterring us from being able to see our loved ones, friends, or family members. To an extent, we’ve found new ways.

Social media apps are made for communication, but what makes WhatsApp different is its perspective of doing so. Fundamentally WhatsApp is a messaging app, but with its extra simple features, it’s difficult to not get addicted to the app.

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Last month, WhatsApp did report a 40% increase in usage and a massive increase in the number of messages sent daily. WhatsApp also recorded that users spend an average of 15 billion minutes daily on WhatsApp calls.

As a result of this, they’ve increased the WhatsApp group user’s call limit from 4 to 8 users. This implies that a video call on WhatsApp of up to 8 people is possible.

WhatsApp New Features

WhatsApp updates promise to do what it does best; communication at comforting ease. WhatsApp updates bring in a whole new set of incredible features targeted at helping users cope with the Covid19 pandemic.

Below are some of the much anticipated new WhatsApp update features;

  • WhatsApp voice and video call limit increased from 4 to 8 persons: As messages between users are end to end encrypted so are calls. WhatsApp has increased the maximum number of users that could voice or video call simultaneously to 8. Great news indeed, for me, means i could WhatsApp call my entire family members at once.
  • A branded new set of COVID19 themed stickers to help people relate about life under the pandemic.
  • It’s a new rule, stopping the continuous forwarding of “Highly-Forwarded” messages: This was done to stop the spread of viral and probably hoax news and information about the COVID19. When a message is tagged “Highly Forwarded” by WhatsApp, this means that the message has been spread in bulk. This will further implicate that users won’t be able to forward such kind of messages to more than a person at a time.
  • Corona WhatsApp service by World Health Organization.
  • A much-awaited in-app WhatsApp dark mode.
  • Self-destruct messages: allows users to send messages and time when the messages should be automatically deleted or destroyed without a trace.
  • Indian users specifically those located in Mumbai could now order food through WhatsApp. This is possible through Facebook’s partnership with Reliance Jio Platforms telecom company.

WhatsApp updates promise these features and so much more they might have decided to hide till we update our WhatsApp. For anyone to appreciate these features, you must update or download the latest WhatsApp update.

How to Get WhatsApp Updates

The WhatsApp update is not fully available yet, but you could check by visiting your device’s app store.  Search for “WhatsApp” and click on the app.

Proceed to download the app if you do not have it installed on your mobile device already. If it’s installed to your device, update it by checking for and tapping on the update option if there is.

Alternatively, you could get the updates by;

  • Running a web browser on your mobile device.
  • Type in or just type in WhatsApp beta.
  • On the website, search for WhatsApp beta and proceed to download. If you typed in WhatsApp beta, click on any website offering you “WhatsApp beta APK”.
  • Follow the website prompts and download the app.

Note: You might need to give your browser permission to download the app, just go to your browser’s settings to do this. This setting should be under Apps or Downloads. Also, go to your smartphone settings to allow Installation of Unknown apps to fully install the app to your device. Note that this alternative only works on Android devices.

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