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Download Bolt App – Formerly known as Taxify, this transportation network offers basic ride services and food delivery services in over 40 countries. The network boasts of more than 50 million customers and 1 million drivers globally.

Initially launched in 2013 as mTakso, It has already gained more than 10 million downloads on the Google play store alone. It’s among one of the fastest-growing companies in the world considering just how much people have taken to its ride services.

download bolt app

It’s currently the biggest ride service in Africa and the number 1 travel app in countries like Kenya and Nigeria. Bolt is also the first transportation app in the world to allow users to pay for trips using mobile carrier billing.

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Bolt App Services

The Bolt app enables people to order or get rides easily through their devices. It is available to Android, iOS, Windows phone,s and Huawei devices.

This way just by opening the app, one can locate the nearest driver or available vehicle for a ride. Need a ride, just request and confirm your pick-up location. In turn, once a driver accepts the ride, you will be able to see the driver’s name and details.

Customers must choose a means of payment for the offered ride; cash, credit card, or mobile carrier. After each ride, the driver and passenger are given the chance to rate each other based on their ride experience.

Bolt App Features

  • Requires users to register to use the service. This way bolt can keep records of its users both passengers and drivers.
  • Easy ride-booking and canceling.
  • Vehicle selection.
  • Tracking of Bolt rides to ensure safety.
  • Different payment systems.
  • Pops up a tab to prompt customers or drivers to create reviews and rate each other.
  • Ability to add multiple destinations in a single ride.
  • You can also contact Bolt Support and Manage app notifications through the bolt app.

How to Download the Bolt App

It’s simple, all you have to do is get to the app store on your device. Every device has a default app store depending on its operating system i.e Apple Store for iOS.

Therefore if you are using an Android device, you know you’re definitely visiting the Google Play store or Microsoft store if you are using a Windows OS device. Once in the selected app store, search for the Bolt app by using the search bar.

Then hit the “Install” button and proceed to download it to your device.


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