Disable Background Data on Android 10|How to Turn Off Background Data On Android Devices

Disable Background Data on Android 10 – Data enables our devices to function online and offline however when not controlled, it can prove very dangerous to our devices. Basically, when we use our phone; sending messages, scrolling through feeds, browsing, gaming, and so on, data is being used in one way or the other.

Consequently, reduce your device’s battery life and mobile data or Wi-Fi especially if it’s not an unlimited plan. This guide becomes quite useful in restricting apps from using mobile data when not active.

disable background data on android 10

What is Background Data?

When using an app on your device i.e Facebook, you have to be connected to the internet. It will keep functioning properly given your device is connected to the web through mobile data or Wi-Fi connection which is normal.

However, have you ever asked how apps like Facebook send notifications even when they are certainly not open? Background data allows apps to function effectively despite the fact that they are closed. Great, but this will waste a certain amount of your limited data plans and device’s battery life.

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Turning Off Background Data

An excellent idea if your plans are getting finished quickly and your device is experiencing some issues like glitches or weak battery. Note that taking this step will stop the app from functioning in its usual way.

For instance, if you were to turn off Background data for WhatsApp, you won’t get notified when you receive messages on the chat app unless the app is currently open on your device.

How to Turn Off Background Data

Most of the apps if not all on your android device refresh regularly so they can notify you when there is a message or something they need to call your attention to. You just can’t go around turning off every app’s background data.

Even in desperate situations, what you want to do is select apps that are not really used on your device.

  • On your device, navigate to the “Settings” app.
  • Select “SIM card and mobile network” > “Data Settings & Data Usage”.
  • Scroll down to view the apps that use data the most on your device. Now, select the less useful ones.
  • Next, tap on “Mobile data & Wi-Fi” in the app’s info page.
  • Lastly, toggle off the “Background data” switch.

Alternatively, once in the “Settings” app, scroll down and tap on “App Management” > “App Settings”. This will give you a one-page view of all the apps on your device.

Select any app whose background data you would like to turn off and hit the “Mobile data & Wi-Fi” option. Then toggle off the “Background data” option.


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