Best Farming Games On Android and IOS | Top 6 Free Farming Games For Mobile

Best Farming Games On Android and IOS – The best thing about farming virtually is knowing you aren’t practically using your physical strength to till the ground or carry-out any farm activities. Farm games are by far some of the best SIM games although there are some that are quite horrible.

That’s why we’ve composed this list to acknowledge some of the best farming games on Android and IOS device.

best farming games on android and ios

Top 6 Farming Games For Android & IOS

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Hay Day

Not the best but probably the easiest to play given the fact that the game could actually play on its own to an extent. The goal is to work on your farm by rearing livestock and planting crops to make profits which you can use to improve your farm and move it to the next stage.

It’s fun, interesting, and easy. The farm becomes dependent on itself while you are not really playing making it run on its own until you are back. The gameplay is smooth and engaging and you don’t need to worry about disturbing ads popping here and there.

Farm Story

What makes this game special is the numerous complications it brings to the table. With this game, everything isn’t just about buying upgrades and equipment. You have to strategize and plan how you want your farm to operate, if not your farm might not progress.

You can also play with friends by connecting to Facebook. This way you could invite your friends to come to join you and you lot could share ideas to help develop your farms. Like most games released recently, there are lots of items you could buy to boost your progress unevenly that is if you are into that kind of thing.

Blocky Farm

Another very simple farming game available for IOS and Android devices. Grow your farm while fixing up different facilities and equipment to help you do just that. This will increase your experience making you better at the game thus moving you to the next level.

You start by choosing a farm name and a picture and then you could start your journey to become the world’s greatest farmer. Grow crops, raise livestock, prepare items, improve and continuously refurbish the farm and so much more to give you the best mobile farming experience.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape

This game is known for being a fan’s favorite. FarmVille is probably the best farming game series with each new one being better than the last given its series of rather unique storyline and farming fantasy.

For starters, you get an empty field where you can start farming and growing not just crops but life. As time goes on, you begin to reap your work and you get experience points which in turn level you up. New upgrades and events come into play and with time your farm becomes better and better.

The game also allows for trading among players so you could practically trade items from your farm with people if you wish to. There are a lot of features that make this farm game so real and engaging, a few I have mentioned, the rest you would have to find out.

Tiny Sheep

As the name implies, you would be dealing with livestock; sheep in this case. Not to worry, this game is great on giving directions thus making the whole farming experience rather cool and easy, all you have to do is to implement the instructions.

You are going to be starting from the bottom, raising sheep like a simple farmer. You will be directed to buy the sheep, feed it, care for it, and in turn profit by selling their wool. In due time, you could use what you get from selling the wool to get supplies and upgrades to improve your farm.

Farmland Farming Simulator

My list comes to an end with this interesting game. One of the reasons I enjoyed playing this game is because of its 3D graphics and how real it feels, this is the real deal.

It’s farming simulations prowess is next to none as you technically live out the hustle of a real farmer. Take care of your field by operating the tractors and other farming equipment, get crops and rear livestock animals such as cows and sheep.

You can not only buy types of machinery or equipment but also sell them, cool right, it gets better. There are also different seasons in this game i.e dry season, rainy season, or the dreaded winter season.

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