Yahoo Mail Dark Mode | How to Turn On Yahoo Mail Dark Mode

Yahoo Mail Dark Mode – Yahoo is one of those software that has been through a lot and still bounces back. Its users have complained about a lot of its services and looks and Yahoo keeps releasing updates. These updates have kept solving and bringing a lasting solution to its user’s issues and complaints about its services.

One of the primary focuses of its new design and updates was its app. Its new updates focus on making the app simpler and easier to navigate. Its app looks more simple yet interesting with all its folders arranged to the left.

It updates also focus on making Yahoo email effortlessly simple in the sense that you could move from tab to tab conveniently. The new Yahoo updates have everything simplicity embedded in it.

yahoo mail dark mode

They did tip us that their updates would be in follow of the release of the new smartphone (Android and IOS devices). They were looking to create updates that would rhyme with new smartphone releases.

There is almost no app on smartphones without a dark mode. For the Yahoo app to completely blend in with new smartphones and new app trends, it needed to add a dark mode to its updates. Yes, it did, it added a dark mode along with new themes and color updates.

How to Turn On Yahoo Mail Dark Mode.

Yahoo Mail dark mode is not really like any other app dark mode. Although it has an appealing dark background with texts in white, it also provides varieties of colors in which text can be seen.

Everything is dark apart from the texts. The text colors are white and depending on the colors you selected, red, pink, blue and so on. It looks so cool, you should definitely try it out.

Turn On Yahoo Mail Dark Mode Via Web Browser

This means that you are accessing your Yahoo account via your web browser. Below are the steps to turn on dark mode in your Yahoo mail account.

  1. Go to the Yahoo website via its URL,
  2. Click on “Sign In” at the right side of the new page, provide your login details and login.
  3. Once you sign in, at the top left corner, tap on “Mails” (the Message icon).
  4. On the new page with all your mails, look to the right top corner and locate the Gear icon. Click on it.
  5. A pop-up with different themes will appear. Below those themes is a tab with inscriptions “Light Medium Dark”, select Dark.
  6. On the Themes tab, select the completely “Black” one and watch the magic happen.
  7. Immediately you do this, the new dark mode settings will take effect.

Turn On Yahoo Mail Dark Mode Via App

Switching on dark mode in the app is easier and more straightforward than doing it via a web browser. Check out the steps;

  1. Open the Yahoo mail app on your device.
  2. Sign In to your account by clicking on “Sign In” and providing your Log in details.
  3. Once you’ve signed in, find the Gear icon located at the bottom of your email page. Click on it.
  4. A page will pop-up where you will have to click on “Personalisation”. In some cases, you might have to select “Themes”.
  5. Just below the Themes and Colours tab, there is the “Dark Mode” option.
  6. By default, it would be on “Light Mode”. Tap on the “Dark Mode” option just below the Light Mode option to effect Dark mode on your Yahoo mail app.
  7. You could also specify the colors you want your text to be in by choosing any color from the list of colors available. For instance, if you choose Red, some texts will be in red on your Yahoo mail app.

Immediately you try this setting, it takes effect. Hence, you will be able to see the dark mode and the colors of the text characters without delay.

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