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By | February 19, 2020

Facebook lite Dark Mode – Facebook lite is a smaller version of the Facebook application, as the name implies it is relatively lighter, smaller and economical than the normal Facebook application. Although it still functions just as good as the normal Facebook application just slower and limited, it also has fewer animations and features.

This stripped version of Facebook application was designed to meet the conditions of small and slow devices, a way to make sure everyone experiences Facebook from any part of the world.

Facebook Lite is an economical application of Facebook, saves data and battery life, does literally the same functions of the regular Facebook application (primary functions) and well will save your device memory a lot of space.

facebook lite dark mode

 Dark Mode

It’s been quite a wait, ever since Android 10 which had one of its features like a dark mode was introduced to Android devices many applications or social media platforms have adapted and it’s been dark mode everywhere. The only weird stuff about it is the fact that it’s somehow not available on Facebook yet.

Basically if there is any social media platform meant to support the Android dark mode without hesitation, its meant to be Facebook, ironically it’s not. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp are way top of that list, Most devices browsers all have the dark mode theme already.

Dark Mode Theme on Facebook lite

This sounds strange, Facebook designs a dark mode and the first version of their software is pushed to is the Facebook lite. That’s quite nice and a beautiful experience it will be for Facebook lite users. This will also mean that the Dark mode feature will soon go viral, on every version of Facebook.

To get the Dark Mode on Facebook lite, download the Latest version of Facebook lite or update the Facebook lite application on your device and tap on the setting menu at the upper right corner of your screen where you’ll find a new “Dark Mode” option, click on it to enable it.

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