Facebook Bars | A Tik Tok Like App For Creating and Sharing Raps

facebook bars

Facebook Bars is a new app being released by the Facebook Company. The app is mainly for rappers as it has a Tik Tok setting that allows users to create raps using professional beats. This app is being launched by Facebook’s internal R&D group; NPE Team after recently launching a music video app named Collab. … Read more

The Next Spider – Man Movie Already Has a Title and it’s Exciting

The Next Spider-Man Movie Already Has a Title and it’s Exciting

We all saw the last Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland as spider man and Zendaya as MJ; Far from home and it’s the one before that released in 2017; Homecoming. The second Instalment in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movie; Far from Home tells the adventures of Spider-Man after his role model’s death (Iron Man). Spider-Man victorious … Read more

Facebook Will Restore News Sharing In Australia

Facebook to Restore News Sharing In Australia

At the beginning of this month exactly on the 18th of Feb, the government of Australia said that Facebook social media should pay for news content posted on its site. This bargaining rule will affect big tech social media companies such as Facebook and Google thus forcing them into sharing the revenue they make from … Read more