Call Of Duty MOD APK 1.0.19 | Download Call Of Duty MOD APK For Mobile

Call Of Duty MOD APK 1.0.19 – Call of duty was a game made for PC players only and this has been depressing. But now, a new reign has come as mobile users can now play the spectacular call of duty game on their phones.

It’s free to download and play directly on your device. You can now enjoy the intensive different genres of gameplay this FPS action game has to offer on your mobile device.

call of duty mod apk 1.0.19

Description of Call of Duty Mobile

This game needs no introduction, one of the best games when it comes to first-person shooter action games. It has millions of players which makes its online multiplayer section very interesting as players look to battle its commando style.

There have been different series released from the Call of duty game i.e Call of Duty Warzone, Black Ops, Modern warfare, and so on. Now you can enjoy this amazing game on your mobile.

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Features of Call Of Duty MOD APK 1.10.19

This version is the latest is quite interesting. With improved graphics and vault of weapons to match your mobile’s prowess and intensive gameplay, you are about to get addicted.

These are some of its impressive features;

  • 5v5 Team Deathmatch; An online deathmatch where a group of ten players faces off in two different teams. There are also sub-modes under this mode where you can select the aim of the deathmatch.
  • 100 Player Battle Royal; Another online game mode with a survival map. The rule is simple, kill or be killed.
  • Sniper vs Sniper Battle.
  • The MOD mode unlocks special weapons and features.
  • Zombies mode; Call of Duty for mobile brings your favorite zombie’s story into gaming. You have to kill all the zombies before they get to you and make you lose.
  • Impressive Graphics with real-life effects. When the Call of Duty for mobile was released, no one expected the graphics to be as impressive as this since the game was more of a play station and PC game.
  • Intense non-stop action storyline mode. Call of Duty has always been about war and you can very much expect the same from this one

How to Download Call Of Duty Mobile

The app is available on Android and iOS devices alike and can be found on your device’s respective app store. Although I would advise you to play the game on an Android device for a better gaming experience.

Download Call Of Duty Latest MOD Mode

Download this MOD mode to unlock more special features and weapons faster and easier. This way you know you are miles ahead of an average player especially if you are an online player.

Make sure to use a Hostfile app so as not to get banned. Your device might not allow the game to work on mod mode.

Thus go to “Settings”> “Apps Management” and select the call of duty app. Tap on “App Info”> “Permissions” then enable “Phone & Storage”. Next head to “Advanced” and check the “Draw over other apps” tab.

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