Armajet Mod APK 1.60.5 Download Latest Version Free

Download Armajet Mod APK Latest Version Free for Android. Join the quick-paced arena shooter game with both friends and enemies!

Join the all-out battle arena, alone or alongside your buddies. Take control of a pilot and shoot your way to the top.

Download Armajet for Android now to experience an action-packed jetpack flying, gun-slinging war.


Controlling your Pilot in Armajet is fairly easy. All controls will be displayed on screen and made super simple for anyone to understand.

The left side of the screen will have your movement pad. Swiping in any direction will have the pilot. Additionally, holding up on the pad will have your pilot fly into the air. However, flying will consume fuel from their jetpack.

Next would be the right side of the screen. Here, there will be another control pad. This will determine the direction of fire for your weapons. While, the bottom of your screen will have your ultimate ability, reload button, and grenade respectively.

With all of these commands placed so specifically and organized, no one will ever have an issue with finding the right buttons.

Features of Amazing Armajet

  • Skill Based Gameplay: Of course it’s easy to pick up the game and start playing. However, to become a true master of Armajet, it will take practice and learning every aspect of the battlefield.
  • Fun Game Modes: You’ll have three different game modes to choose from. Each of these modes brings a different approach to the traditional gameplay…
    • Team Deathmatch: This is the basic game mode of Armajet. Make sure to rack up the most amount of points to win.
    • Fuel Frenzy: Next, Fuel Franzy has you collect 10 fuel cells before the time runs out. If you’re attacked beforehand, all your cells will be removed! Make sure to survive the time limit holding on to your fuel.
    • Battle Ball: Every good game has a sports oriented game mode. Battle Ball has your team try to score the most points by dunking balls into the enemy goal.
  • Play Alongside Friends: Squad up and for a team with your friends to coordinate some great battle arena strategies. Own the competition together and bask in the glory.
  • Weapon Mods: Swap through more than 700 different weapon mods, each with its own situational uses. Therefore, plan for own fighting style and choose the appropriate mods for the situation.
  • Upgrade Pilots: There are tons of different skins and upgrades for your Pilot. Customize your appearance and role in battle to feel more immersed.

There are tons of more aspects of the game waiting to be discovered. But, you’ll need to install Armajet first.

How are the Graphics?

Next would be the amazing bled of 2D and 3D graphics. Armajet has very detailed models for both the characters and backgrounds. Each arena is detailed with specific platforms and obstacles for your battles.

As far as animations go, the game feels smooth and fluid. Even when online, there are rarely any drops in the frame rate, if any.

All in all, this is one of the better looking games you’ll find for your Android. But don’t take our word for it, play the game yourself to see for yourself.

Armajet Mod APK Free Download

You can enjoy the Armajet Mod APK download for Android for a few extra benefits in the game. Like most APK files, you’ll have faster installation speeds. Additionally, you save space on your Android. However, there is an extra game specific addition:

  • No Recoil (Use application if disconnected)

With this feature, you won’t need to grind through PvP for money to buy more mods and skins. So, go ahead and get the modified APK now!

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